Of course, it is possible to buy all the materials yourself and design and implement your own soundproofing - but unless you have a great deal of experience covering all varieties of building work, we’d advise caution!

Get it wrong and it won’t just mean the noise doesn’t go away - it could be extremely costly!

You could call our dedicated Installation Team The Noisebusters! They’re not just thoroughly trained in every aspect of the job - they’re verging on the obsessive about the intricate details that can make it all go wrong. That’s because a chain’s only as strong as its weakest link. In noise reduction terms that means any tiny aperture where sound can penetrate - such as misplaced fixings, unsealed electrical socket points, electrical flex pathways, light switch fittings and water and heating pipes and radiators. Any or all of these will undermine the acoustic effect - which means effective implementation calls for the skills of a carpenter, plumber, HVAC engineer, painter & decorator and an electrician!