In professional sound control situations, it’s not always about keeping sound out - with venues and rehearsal rooms it’s usually a case of containing noise to avoid disturbance outside. Home and professional recording studios, on the other hand, need to limit or eliminate sound leakage inwards and outwards - as well as isolating and separating music sources, in a vocal or drum booth, for example.

In mixed entertainment and leisure facilities, the problem and its solution are likely to be a mix of sound absorption, direction and containment to ensure that music and conversational noise from entertainment and bar areas don’t leak into residential accommodation, meeting areas and lobbies.

Of course, the challenge isn’t always to minimise noise - sometimes we’re asked to help enhance its effect! For example, auditoriums designed for live theatre tend to have a built-in resonance that carries the unamplified voice to the back of the theatre… Add an amplified rock group with layers of electronic reverb and echo and you get one huge echo and not a lot else! The answer is the optimum placement of sound-absorbing panels, which ‘deaden’ the room’s acoustics to give sound engineers a ‘blank canvas’ to work with.

For any and all of these situations, we have the solution - whether it’s a case of reinforcing existing audio containment measures or designing and implementing a complete acoustic management solution for an entire network of rooms.

The possibilities range from building new inner walls and to the strategic positioning of acoustic dampening panels to suck up and deaden extraneous noise.

Sound advice, from sound professionals

Acoustics isn’t rocket science - but it is sonic science! And in our view it’s not a job for amateurs. That’s why our soundproofing consultants are fully trained and qualified to identify the source and nature of your problem and to work with you to arrive at an effective solution that meets your needs - and your budget.

So you can rest assured that they’re not there to sell you a product - with no ties to any manufacturer, we’re entirely unbiased in the recommendations we make. On the contrary, your Soundproof Solutions consultant is simply there to get to the root of the problem, consult you in detail and advise you on the possibilities so that together we can arrive at the solution that’s exactly right.