Home soundproofing isn’t just about decibels (the level of sound). It’s about controlling, containing and minimising unwanted sound so that it stays at an acceptable level.

But what, you might ask, qualifies as noise? The simple answer is, any sound that you don’t want to hear! For example, in music terms, one man’s meat is another man’s poison - so while loud dance music is heaven for some, it’s also hell for many others.

The same goes for barking dogs, wailing babies, too-loud TVs and all sorts of other extraneous noise - and the terrible thing is that most of the time it’s not something your neighbours mean to happen, or that they can stop.

Sound at perfectly moderate levels can also be described as ‘noise’ when it’s heard at what seems an inappropriate or inconvenient time. For example, if you work a shift pattern that means you’re trying to sleep when your neighbours are at their most active.

Minimise conflict, maximise harmony, eliminate noise
The good news is that we can control the noise problem for you - whether you need to keep noise out or protect your neighbours by keeping it in. Either way, you can minimise conflict and maximise harmony with those around you by eliminating noise! Of course, no home soundproofing can eliminate noise completely - but we can promise to attenuate that unwanted sound to an acceptable level.

Please call or email us for estimated costs for ceiling solutions - in our experience there are so many constraints, pitfalls and possibilities that they’re impossible to standardise!

Achieving peace and quiet isn’t necessarily a major undertaking - in fact most of our solutions involve applying a combination of materials and voids directly onto existing walls, ceilings or even floors to stop sound dead.

Of course, more extreme cases call for radical solutions - which involve creating a new and separate wall closely lining the existing ones. The 50mm gap thus created is then filled with insulating material.

We hardly need to point out that the higher the specification of design and materials, the greater the degree of noise reduction - and the cost. That said, we never specify a solution more complex or costly than your problem dictates!

Before you go ahead

Save money and stress - by nipping the noise in the bud!
In our experience, it’s always worth addressing your noise problem with a bit of diplomacy before deciding to invest in a soundproofing solution. It might sound obvious, but have you tried…

• Talking to your neighbours
If they’re not aware of the problem they can’t cooperate in solving it. Perhaps there are times you’re not at home or when the noise won’t be such a problem?

• Consulting your local Environmental Health department
They’ll tell you exactly what your rights are and usually offer a wealth of advice on reducing noise. For example, even a simple thing like moving loudspeakers or changing their mountings can make a huge difference!

Still suffering?
Don’t worry! We’ll be happy to put an end to those sleepless nights. We’ll do that quickly and with a minimum of fuss at a price you won’t lose sleep over! It’s often possible to get noise down to an acceptable level simply by lining the connecting walls with insulating material. It’s invisible, effective and takes almost no extra space!

Peace and quiet AND peace of mind
Check out our PRICES page - you might be surprised at the results we can achieve within even the most modest budget!